Glycine Forte BP

Overall health

Package: 60 tablets (314 mg/tablet)

Active Substance: Glycine

Product Name: Glycine, Glycine Forte, Glycine Tablets

A non-essential amino acid, 100% Natural, with powerful Antioxidant Properties

It ensures quality sleep, enhances intellectual and cognitive performance

Excellent support in remedial and preservation of psycho-emotional health

30/60 tablets for strengthening physical resistance

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Glycine Forte Balkan Pharmaceuticals

Lack of adequate sleep is not only a problem at night, but also has adverse consequences on our activities during the day.
Most sleeping pills are actually weak tranquilizers that have a sedative effect but are not capable of actually helping you sleep. Moreover, in some cases, sleeping pills can cause worsening of sleepiness the next day! As a result, we feel twice as exhausted and powerless.

Balkan Pharmaceuticals offers you a natural way to overcome fatigue and stress caused by sleep disorders, memory and concentration problems, to revitalize the exhausted nervous system – GLYCINE and GLYCINE Forte.
Glycine is a water-soluble amino acid that reduces fatigue, supports mental health and protects the nervous system. It has been proven to improve mental performance, significantly increase concentration power and improve memory. In addition, glycine facilitates the transmission of nerve impulses and improves mood, essentially being a natural antidepressant.

Each Product is tested to guarantee potency and purity:

Every Balkan Pharmaceuticals product is manufactured in a GMP facility, undergoing numerous quality tests throughout the manufacturing process to meet high quality standards. The ingredients and final products are tested and analyzed by our Quality Control Department (and in the microbiology laboratory), and for total transparency and quality assurance, the results are in open access.
Balkan Pharmaceuticals has stood the test of time with thousands of health-fortifying products, drawing on the latest innovations in nutritional science and utilizing the optimal ingredients to deliver high-quality, value-added supplements.

Active Ingredients:

Glycine 100mg (Glycine) or 300mg (Glycine FORTE)

Form of Packaging:

Glycine and Glycine FORTE are delivered in blisters individually sealed from the factory, the right option for protection against moisture, oxidation, contamination or chemical interaction by isolating each portioned dose in its own cavity. This guarantees the quality of the product until its actual administration. The blister-type packaging facilitates the transport of small amounts of the product and represents a convenient adjunct in the daily health care routine, in that form being difficult to reach for children.

Packaging Contents:

60 tablets (Glycine); 30 tablets (Glycine FORTE)


Sleep is essential for a healthy mind and body. Numerous clinical studies indicate that people who do not get a good night’s sleep are more prone to developing diseases such as diabetes, cancer and heart disease. Glycine is a natural amino acid, able to improve the quality of your sleep, memory and attention, it is effective in the fight against the symptoms of depression, anxiety, increased irritability and in combating psycho-emotional stress.

Restful Sleep without Sedation 
Clinical studies have shown that glycine increases the production of serotonin, which contributes to a sense of well-being, improves sleep quality and reduces the feeling of fatigue the next day after a short period of sleep.

Better Memory and Attention 
Glycine contributes to a better transmission of nerve impulses, increases the quality of memory, stimulates thought processes and the ability to concentrate.

Mental Health
It is effective in relieving the symptoms of depression, anxiety, increased irritability and helps combat psycho-emotional stress. It rejuvenates the central nervous system. It improves metabolism and brain activity in various functional, organic or infectious diseases of the central nervous system, after craniocerebral trauma, perinatal encephalopathies, including those of alcoholic origin.


Glycine 100 mg is intended for children over 3 years and adults. 1 tablet will be administered 2-3 times a day, for 7-14 days. The period can be extended up to 30 days. If necessary and only on the recommendation of the doctor or pharmacist, 50-100 mg will be administered 20 minutes before going to bed, to improve the quality of sleep.
Glycine FORTE 300 mg is intended exclusively for adults. 1 tablet will be administered 2 times a day, for a period of no more than 30 days. Before use, it is necessary to consult a specialist doctor.

It is administered orally – it is kept in the mouth or under the tongue until complete dissolution, or in the form of powder obtained after crushing the tablet.