13 April 2022 • Egor

I have been using sports supplements for a long time and it is possible to compare the best brands of these products. I liked the quality, price and service. I strongly recommend for athletes and not only.

6 April 2022 • Elizabeth

First time buyer of Balkan Pharmaceuticals and I had ?s about everything lol!!! First time jetters for sure but costumer service was their every step of the way to answer all my questions and then some!!! The products are 1000% percent legit,tracking of package was spot on,packing was very nice and only took 13 days to arrive if the Labor day holiday wasn’t at time of shipping it might of been faster!!! If your looking for the best Products to fit your needs life style and to stay healthy hands down Balkan is the Number 1 choice for safe amazing quality gear!!! They really care about their costumers!!!!

6 April 2022 • Anton

Before recommending something to other people, of course, I experience everything myself. I took CALCIUM + VITAMIN D3 to try and was pleased with the sensations. To understand the taste – you have to try, and if you try, then the best, and this is Balkan Pharma.

6 April 2022 • Dina

I made an smaller order to check out this company after a little research, these people are there for you. I had my order in two packages and one of them didn’t arrive so they are resending it! Very patient, show some respect for these people. Very kind and professional. They are legit.
Ps only took 12 days for package to arrive not saying that will always be the case.

6 April 2022 • Misha

Great Service and products delivered as promised. I have re-ordered products and have had the same excellent experience

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